Dudley Wines


Meet The Family

Between Jeff and Val Howard, their children and their partner’s, they grow the grapes, make the wine, manage the cellar door and market the wine.  Jeff and Val also run beef cattle on their farm, right alongside the vines and winery at Porky Flat, Kangaroo Island.

Jeff and Val’s son, Brodie Howard is the winemaker for Dudley Wines.  He controls every step of the process from grape to barrel to bottle as it is all done in the winery situated right alongside the vineyards on Kangaroo Island, and therefore he knows exactly what goes into every bottle.  Brodie has never been one to play it by the book, and his unique blends reflect this.  He loves experimenting, but has also gained Australia-wide accolades for his traditional wines.

Jeff and Val’s two daughters and daughter-in-law manage the cellar door sales, marketing and bookkeeping for the business.  Kangaroo Island is still gaining recognition as a serious wine region of Australia, which makes marketing to the mainland difficult, however in their favour, Kangaroo Island’s clean green image and reputation for quality produce helps to set the island’s wines apart from the more well-known regions.

The island lifestyle provides a good distraction from the busy day to day activities on the farm and in the winery.  The boys always manage to squeeze in a fishing trip – for product research of course; fresh grilled King George Whiting matches perfectly with a glass of Dudley’s ‘Grassy Flat Sauvignon Blanc’!

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