Dudley Wines Times Winter 2019

From the Winery...

After two very testing years of below average rainfall and heaps of frosty nights, the quality of the grapes for the 2019 harvest has been exceptional and we are looking forward to the final product.

A new challenge this season has been trying to contend with an influx of bees at the winery trying to get sugar from every vat of freshly picked grapes. It seems the dry season has led to very little flowering in bushland, so they’ve headed to Porky Flat winery desperately seeking sugar!

The opening rains in May have been fantastic, and with a bit of warmth still around, the feed is jumping out the ground for our cattle. The vines have had a good soaking, just prior to their dormant period that runs from May-July. Vine pruning will start soon, in preparation for the 2020 vintage.

Upcoming Sunday Vibes - K.I. Talent

Enjoy Live music on the cliff top at Dudley Wines on the first Sunday of every month & come check out our new winter menu!

July 7th- The Lost Penguins

August 4th - Clayton (Cuz) Linke

September 1st - Charlotte & Andy Gilfillan

Bookings recommended

New Website & Store

We are busy working to get our new website and online store ready for launching over the next couple of months. The new store should make purchasing our wine a whole lot quicker and easier, and our wine club will finally all be digital, so members will be able to log in at any time and access/update their preferences and details.