Through the Grapevines

As we head towards the end of what has been a very testing year for all, we would like to thank everyone for their support over this time. The Kangaroo Island fires, followed by the covid lockdown took a massive toll on our community and we are extremely grateful for those who have visited the Island and filled their eskies, or ordered local produce online. We look forward to beginning 2021 with positive vibes and are excited for a busy summer season!

Lush green vineyards fill the Porky Flat Estate valley as the flowering vines relish in the ideal winter/spring conditions. Better than average rains, and now plenty of sunshine, have been great for the vines, and the cattle in the surrounding paddocks have more to eat than ever.

We have just bottled the 2020 white wines, bubblys and rosés, some of which have already been released, and they are proving popular as the warmer weather approaches. The 2020 reds remain in barrels, with plenty of character still developing over the next 12 or so months before they will be bottled for your enjoyment.

Brodie Howard

- Winemaker